CSSconf Nordic / 1 June 2016 / Oslo, Norway

Hello, speakers!

This page contains all the info you might need. Questions we haven’t covered? Let us know, and we will update with answers.


Elisabeth Irgens / @elisabethirg / email
Ida Franceen / @kolombiken / email
(Call or text? Check your email for phone number.)

Full program for the week

CSSconf Nordic is the first of three conferences happening this week. All speakers are invited to attend all three.

Tuesday 31 May

17:45 – Ida will be in the hotel lobby to meet anyone there.

17:45 – Elisabeth will be at the venue, so you can also come directly there if you want a peek inside before the big day. (We will be there all day, so if you want to come by Dansens hus earlier, that is also fine!)

18:00 – 🍴 Let’s go grab some food together. This is a casual dinner for CSSconf speakers, guests and organizers. (The conference can cover your meal and one beverage.) Where: Smelteverket, in the basement of Mathallen. We have a table reservation from 18:00, but you can also just show up any time after. Food is ordered at the bar. Elisabeth and Ida will hang out here from around 18:00 to 20:00, ready to answer all you questions.

Wednesday 01 June

08:00 — registration opens at Dansens hus

09:00 — Håkon Wium Lie: Why CSS was invented
09:45 — Aga Naplocha: A Creative Approach to SVG

10:30 — ☕️ break

11:00 — Dan Na: Transitioning to Sass at Scale
11:45 — Rachel Nabors: Alice in Web Animations API Land

12:30 — 🍴 lunch at Mathallen

13:30 — Jen Simmons: Revolutionize Your Page: Real Art Direction on the Web
14:15 — Liam Campbell: Mad Science with CSS

15:00 — ☕️ break

15:30 — Eva Ferreira: Raiders of the Lost Transforms
16:15 — Lena Reinhard: Existing in the Tech Industry: How to cope with the pressure of a fast-paced environment

17:00 — Group photo! …and then it’s a wrap. 🎉

17:45 — 🍴 Speaker’s Dinner
This is the Official CSSconf/Web Rebels/NodeConf Speaker’s Dinner, and you don’t want to miss it. Meet in the lobby of the hotel between 17:45 and 18:00. At 18:00 there will be a taxi departing to the speaker dinner location. (If you miss that, you miss the dinner.)

Your host for this dinner is Web Rebels organizer Trygve Lie
(+47 95 25 22 48 / @trygve_lie / post@trygve-lie.com).
Dietary requirements? Please let us know by Monday. Also note that the default main meal on the dinner will be fish, if anyone wants meat as main meal instead of fish we need to know by Monday at the latest.

After dinner, we hope you’ll join us at the social meet and greet for attendees from CSSconf and Web Rebels. This is taking place from 19:00 at V Bar & Bistro, which is the bar on the ground floor of the hotel.

Thursday 02 June

09:00 — Web Rebels (day 1), Dansens hus
17:00 — 🍴 dinner buffet and social gathering for everyone, V Bar & Bistro on the ground floor of the hotel.

Friday 03 June

09:00 — Web Rebels (day 2), Dansens hus
18:00 — dinner groups tba

Saturday 04 June

10:00 — NodeConf Oslo, Dansens hus

The hotel

Name: Scandic Vulcan
Address: Maridalsveien 13 A, 0175 Oslo
Phone: +47 21 05 71 00

The room is booked in your name, and breakfast is included. The building right next door has a grocery store: directions to Rema 1000.

Travel to and from the airport

Flights all arrive at Oslo Airport Gardermoen (OSL). Take the Airport Express (Flytoget) to Oslo Central Station (Oslo S). Departures every 10 minutes. The travel time is ~20 minutes.

The airport express you have received are valid one way, and can be used in both directions. (It’s a bit confusing the way it’s written on them.) Swipe as you pass the machine, and keep track of which ticket is unused. If you didn’t receive your tickets in the post before departure, please purchase one (ticket machines take credit cards) and give it to Elisabeth at any time during the conference. We will refund it in cash, and give you a ticket for the return.

If your travel is delayed, or if you have any problems, please let us know so we can help.


ATM to withdraw or Forex Bank to exchange can both be found in the same area at the station. Not far from where you enter after Flytoget, right by Hertz. Remember: Norwegian Kroners, not Euros! You can use a card almost everywhere, so many locals will not carry cash daily. Visitors may have issues if cards have no chip. But if you have a VISA or MasterCard with a chip, you might not need a lot of cash in Oslo.

Getting around in Oslo

We recommend using public transport. 🚌 👍 If you didn’t receive your card in the post before departure, let us know and we will get you a replacement after you arrive at the hotel.

Remember to validate the public transport card

Validate your card by swiping it after you get on board the bus or tram.

The card is now valid for 7 days. You can use it on buses, trams, subways, boats to the islands in the Oslo fjord and some local trains. Ticket inspections are frequent, so please make sure you always travel with a valid ticket. Validate the card each time: by swiping on board buses, trams and boats — or before entering the station areas of subways and trains.

Getting to the hotel

The best way to get to the hotel is by tram and then a small walk.

12 Kjelsås or 13 Storo-Grefsen are blue trams, that you find from Platform C outside the central station. 3 stops (6 min) and get off at Schous plass. Then follow this short route to the hotel.

54 Kjelsås is a red bus, that you can take from Platform D outside the station. 4 stops (7 min) and get off at Telthusbakken.

You can also walk from the station to the hotel in about 20 minutes: the fastest walking route.

Your talk

We wanted an easy-going schedule that doesn't need to rush any of us. People get time to talk to fellow attendees, and we all avoid the stress of a tight schedule.

Please show up by the stage 15 minutes before your talk.

Talk length: aim for 30 minutes — but don’t worry too much about going over on time. We have the 15 min buffer in the schedule.

Chat in the couch

After your talk, you will step over to the couch for a friendly chat with our awesome master of ceremonies: Jenn Schiffer.

Q&As can often be a drag, but we believe they can be positive when done right. Previous years of Web Rebels, this has worked really well, giving some ebb and flow to the day. Nothing directly from the audience, Jenn will curate any questions and you can talk to us upfront about any concerns or requests you have. It’s meant to be a relaxed chat — not an interrogation! If anyone prefers to not do anything after their talk, let us know and we will work that out.

Code of Conduct

When you’re working on talks and slides, we appreciate that you keep in mind that the conference has a Code of Conduct. Please make yourself familiar with it, and if you have any questions, we are here to help!

If anything happens during the week that we as organizers should be made aware of, we very much appreciate that you tell us.

The venue

Dansens hus is a dance performance venue, just ~30 meters from the conference hotel. Check out the slideshow on the venue’s event page for an impression about the room, projector size and audience seating.

Our audience will be sitting in a section of medium sized tables up front, with more seating in an auditorium behind that. Speakers will be standing at the same level as the ground floor, so there is no elevated stage. For your talk, there will be a small round table in standing height for your laptop. We’ll provide plenty of drinking water.

We can’t offer a dedicated speaker area at the venue, but we’ll have a reserved table for you to sit up front. The café Hendrix Ibsen right next to the venue has excellent coffee, free wifi and power outlets.


The projector is a full HD 1080P projector with a 1920x1080 resolution. There will be HDMI and VGA cable to connect to the projector. If your laptop needs a bridge to connect to HDMI or VGA, please bring one.

A sound engineer will be controlling all sound from the stage and you will be given a small wireless headset microphone so your hands are free. If your presentation requires sound, please let us know in advance, so a cable to connect to the PA can be provided for you.

Need a guaranteed connection to the Internet during your talk? We have a dedicated connection that will not be shared with attendees.

Norway use Type F power outlets. If your laptop has another type, please remember to bring a converter.

Filming and streaming

Your talk will be professionally filmed and published after the conference under a CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 licence. We will also stream all talks live in full HD. Information that the conference will be streamed will be published the day before the conference.

If you are anything but thrilled about your talk being filmed, published and/or streamed — talk to us about it, and we will be happy to work out something that you are happy with.


Talk selection

Most of you submitted to our Call for Speakers and were selected in that talk selection process. Some were invited directly. This is not something we are using to differentiate, or make futher mention about from our side. But you can of course feel free to talk about how you ended up in the lineup any way you want.

Travel and accomodation

The conference has covered speakers’ travel to Oslo, except for one who’s employer has paid for their flight. All visitors were invited to stay at the hotel for at least up to 5 nights. With various travel wishes your bookings vary from 3 to 6 nights, and with a double room for those travelling with someone else. The expences per speaker are not identical, but we have done our best to be fair.

Food and drinks

Breakfast buffet is included at your hotel. Lunch during all conference days is covered by a prepaid card at Mathallen. The speakers’ dinner on Wednesday will be paid for by Web Rebels. We may occasionally be able to pick up the tab for you as our guests at other times. But we don’t have the budget to treat you unlimited during your visit in Oslo, so we do also need you to pay some food and drinks yourself.

Other money issues

Speaking at CSSconf Nordic is an unpaid volunteer gig for all speakers. The event is also organized entirely by unpaid volunteers. After the conference is over, we will be publishing a transparency report.

Questions or thoughts?

Don’t hesitate to bring up anything on your mind. We are here to help!

All the best,
Ida and Elisabeth.